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12" Zildjian Table Top Gong Set with Stand and Mallet

Product Description

The Zildjian Table Top Gong Set is the perfect gong set for the office or home. It features a 12" Chinese Gong with gong stand and gong mallet.

Zildjian Table Top Gong Set includes:

  • 12" Wuhan Chinese Gong
  • Metal Gong Stand
  • Gong Mallet

Zildjian Gong Features:

  • Hand Hammered Bronze - made in Wuhan, China
  • Gong is lathed to reveal a bronze color and beautiful hammer marks
  • Great wash of sound and crash

    Zildjian Gong Stand Dimensions:

    • Width - 16 inches
    • Height - 16 inches
    • Base Depth - 7 inches
    • Fits gongs up to 12 inches in diameter
    Vendor : Zildjian

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