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Balter Gong Mallets

Mike Balter has retired and Mike Balter Mallets has been bought by the Zildjian Company who now owns Vic Firth Mallets. If you loved the Balter gong mallets like we did, you'll be happy to know that Zildjian is now making very similar products through Vic Firth that replace the Balter GM1 and the Balter GM2.

The Balter GM1 Gong Mallet is now the Vic Firth GB4 Gong Mallet

The Balter GM2 Gong Mallet is now the Vic Firth GB3 Gong Mallet

Unfortunately, the Balter GM3 Light Gong Mallet and the Balter WG1 Wind Gong Mallet are not longer being made. However, Zildjian still produces the Emil Richards Super Rub Mallets under the Mike Balter Name. These are Friction Gong Mallets that can produce whale sounds and other unique overtones and harmonic sounds. 


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