20" Wind Gong with Beater




The 20" Wind Gong is a beautiful and brilliant sounding instrument and produces an amazing rush of musical overtones.  The Wind Gong's presence quickly becomes the focus of any indoor or outdoor space, and their sound is both exhilarating and calming at the same time.  The shimmering sound of wind gongs has rich traditional roots in meditation and ceremony.

Wind Gongs are basically a large and very flat bell.  When played with a padded mallet they produce a complex wave of musical tones.  When struck with a drumstick they sound more like the bells in a large clock.  Our Wind Gongs are made with traditional methods by artisans in China from a bronze alloy which is roughly 80% copper and 20% tin.

20" wind gong

The crafting process is a mixture of hand hammering and working the bronze on a lathe while carefully heating and cooling the metal.  The result is a spectacular sounding, very unique musical instrument.  Wind gongs are available in a range of sizes, with each size having its own distinct sound.  Smaller sizes have a higher pitch and less power while the larger sizes are deeper, richer, and ring with more power and sustain.

20" Wind Gong includes a WDB33 Mallet


Vendor : The Gong Shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kendle Morrishow

I love it...perfect size. It sounds wonderful and its not flimsy it has a bice weight ro it. Aldo it came sooner than expected.

Baehong LEE

Love my gong. ThNkyou

samuel spicer

It gives a great powerful, manly sound that reverberates through the universe. My wish is for a larger diameter for resonance and sustaining.

Arthur G. Edmaiston
Beautiful sound

The 20” wind gong has such a pleasing and warm fundamental tone and the wash is breathtaking. Such a lovely instrument. Thank you

Polly Oborne


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