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Meinl Natural Pitch Tuning Fork, 432 Hz


The natural pitch 432 Hz is a tone frequency that resonates in harmony with the human, nature and the cosmos.


The Meinl Natural Pitch Tuning Fork is tuned to 432 Hz.

Vendor : Meinl

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anthony Hughes
The 432 Tuning Fork is a Great Way To Keep Up With The Frequencies of Nature Quality Product from...

Nothing But Quality Product's From The Gong Shop

Patrick McKinney
Awesome fork!

So as a guitar player I already had 2 or 3 "standard" tuning forks. I was interested in shifting my tuning to 432hz so I ordered this one. I was super impressed as being a similar size to my other forks, this one was quite a bit heavier. The first time I sounded it, the tone was easily twice as loud as my other forks. And the wooden handle is quite nice as well! Thanks for a great product!

Dylan Schultheis
Exactly what I wanted

This sounds so good and is very well made. I got this to add to my set and I’m so happy I got this instead of a cheaper set. I recommend this product to anyone in need

Wonderful tone.

Nice clarity. Thanks.

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