Dragonfly Resonance Series XL RSXL



Dragonfly Resonance Series XL RSXL

A massive core covered in several layers of felt and minky fleece makes this the most powerful Resonance gong mallet in the Series. This stick is ideal for your largest instruments and produces a broad spectrum sound with a substantial low end. The short hickory handle with foam grip balances the core and ensures the mallet is comfortable and secure in the hand at all times.


Customer Reviews

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Carol Bish
Large mallet

Good on my large Chinese gong

Miles McKenzie
Just another great and affordable mallet

Every gongster should have a selection of Dragonfly mallets. They make a great selection of different mallets to help you pull out different tones from your gongs. They make many of my favorite mallets (including this one)...and they are so much cheaper than the competition!

This big grey mallet is great for getting the low end of larger gongs to sing. It's similar to the "Fuzz Bomb", but it elicits more mid and high end from the gong, giving it a more full-range sound. I use this mallet on my large gongs more than any other.

Linda Chambers
OMG Love this Mallett

Its perfect. Pulls out the deep tones, without weighing so much like other top name brands do. I am very happy with this mallet.

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