Chinese Chau Gongs on TGS Gong Stands



This is the perfect Chau Gong Combo, coupling our hand-selected Chau Gongs with our TGS gong stands.

We offer 12 gong combos on 3 different stands. 

  • 18"- 26" gongs fit the TGS CA26 gong stand
  • 26" - 32" gongs fit the TGS CA32 gong stand
  • 32" - 40" gongs fit the TGS CA40 gong stand

Gong Mallet and Rope for hanging the gong are included.

The Gong Shop Chau Gongs are hand-selected in China based on a balanced combination of fundamental tone and crash at all dynamics. We reserve the thicker gongs for sound healing and the slightly thinner gongs for orchestral use. 

The Chau Gong is one of the most recognized gongs with its "black dot" center, lathed bronze mid section, and black edge. Chau gong are quite thick, with a turned edge which focuses the sound. 

The Gong Shop TGS Gong Stands feature interchangeable hanging hooks to accommodate different rope lengths, rubber feet that will protect hard floors, and durable black powder coated square tubing.


Vendor : The Gong Shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Dally

Chinese Chau Gongs on TGS Gong Stands

Kendra Graham @ The Purple Mandrake Holistic Healing & Wellness Center
Amazing Beautiful Instruments!!!!

We are bonding with our newly purchased gongs and are extremely excited about how these gongs can assist our clients in their healing journey. You will not be disappointed!

Velvet Phillips-Sullivan
Love the gong

The gong and I are getting to know each other and it is a budding relationship!
Loving it. Thanks for your prompt service.

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