36" Chau Gong on Meinl Wooden Gong Stand with Mallet



Why buy your Chinese Gongs from The Gong Shop?

Because we travel to Wuhan, China and hand-select every Chinese Gong we offer for sale, ensuring the highest quality. 

Take a look at the photos of the huge number of gongs we have to choose from. Notice the gong furnace where the gong castings are heated until they turn red, and the HUGE hammering machine that flatten the gong castings which are then hand-hammered, lathed, and tuned. We leave the rest for the undiscerning.

36" Chau Gong Combo Package includes:

  • 36" Chau Gong - Made in Wuhan, China
  • Meinl Wooden Gong Stand - TMWGS-L
  • Chinese Gong Mallet

Gong Features:

  • Hand Hammered Bronze
  • Lathed rings, offering a unique sound
  • Great wash of sound and crash, while maintaining a strong fundamental tone.

Meinl Wooden Gong Stand features:

  • Beechwood construction
  • 3 piece stand makes for easily assembly
  • Wide legs for sturdy support
  • Brass rings offer strong and secure handing of any gong


Vendor : The Gong Shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
36" Gong - Beautiful - both in appearance and sound!

The 36" Chau Gong was ordered as a gift and was very well-received. It looks and sounds beautiful.

Ramon Garcia
36" Gong

The whole family is in love. Perfect adittion to our meditative collection. The sound is heavenly soothing.

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