Collection: Tiger Gongs

Tiger Gongs come in 3 sizes: 12", 13", and 14". These gongs have a very powerful sound for such a small gong with a full wash of crash and a fundamental tone. The Tiger Gong also descends in pitch when struck and offers a great sound in all dynamic ranges.

Tiger Gong is "Hu Yin" Gong in Chinese.  Just as the name tells you, the sound of this gong is very similar to a tiger's.  It can roar and growl, but it can also sound quite a kitten.

Different from some other gongs that only have a small region for striking, the Tiger Gong's entire surface, and even the sides and back, can be used to produce pleasing and interesting sounds. Depending on where you stirke this gong, it will produces different sounds.  For example, if you strike in the centre, it gives a spectrum of overtones and great sustaining power, and if you beat the outer ring, it produces more cymbal-like sounds and overtones.

Tiger Gongs include a WDB25 gong mallet.

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