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Sabian Gongs

Sabian Gongs come in 3 product lines. The Sabian Zodiac Gongs are made by Sabian have 3 sizes: 24", 26" and 28". The Sabian Chinese Gongs come in 3 sizes: 30", 34" and 40". The Sabian Symphonic Gongs come in 3 sizes:  24", 26" and 28".

The Sabian Chinese gong is a Chinese Chau Gong made in Wuhan, China. These gongs are high quality, bronze gongs.

DON'T need the Sabian logo?

Often, we ask our customers if they want the Sabian logo on the gong, and many do, as they've seen their favorite rock drummer with a huge Sabian gong hanging behind a drum set. For those who don't want the Sabian logo, we offer them The Gong Shop Chau Gongs which are made in Wuhan, China.

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