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Custom Tone Gongs are hand-crafted in the USA by Zeke Dauner. Zeke hand-hammers every single gong and offers a variety of hammering styles, finishes, and weights of gong depending on the sound you want. Custom Tone Gongs are made from either steel or nickel chromium alloy, which offers a full range of shimmer, tone, and sustain.

CS Series - Heavy Weight with a more bell like tone

CS Finish Options: Plain, Raked, Radial Brush, & Vortex

SS Series - Lighter Weight with a very sustain sound, full of shimmering highs and lows.

SS Finish Options: Mirror or Brushed Finish

Hammering Options:

Crescent Hammer pattern- Very musical sound, long sustain.
Round Hammer- Higher pitched, classic Asian gliss sound.
Sunburst Hammer- Creates low revereration with mid + high overtones.

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