Collection: Bao Gongs

The Bao Gong is very different from other Chinese gongs in that it features a raised boss, or nipple, in the center. For this reason they are often referred to as nipple gongs. Bao Gongs have a very clear and beautiful tone without much of the shimmer found in other gongs. In fact they have more of a bell sound with a distinctive pitch while still producing subtle harmonic overtones. They are available in a range of sizes with smaller ones having a higher pitch and larger ones having a deeper pitch.

Our Bao Gongs are made with traditional methods by artisans in China from a bronze alloy, roughly 80% copper and 20% tin. The crafting process is a mixture of hand hammering and working the bronze on a lathe while carefully heating and cooling the metal. 

Historically in China the Bao Gong was considered a sacred gong, and it was often found in temples.

Bao Gongs are available in a fully lathed Shiny Bronze or Black finish in most sizes.

Chinese Bao Gongs can be tuned to a specific pitch, but cost a little more for service.  If you're looking for Tuned Gongs, we suggest our Tuned Thai Gongs which have a very focused and resonant sound and can be tuned to any pitch desired.  The lower octave C2-C3 Thai Gongs have a much more resonant sound the Tuned Bao Gongs in the same octave range.

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