Dragonfly Resonance Series Medium Hard RSMH


Dragonfly Resonance Series Medium Hard RSMH

Large, low-profile disc shaped core covered in fleece on a ¾” diameter hickory handle (13.5” length).  This mallet is harder and considerably heavier than the small, resulting in an amazingly fast and effortless response.   It is capable of a huge dynamic range and full spectrum of overtones.  Excellent for use on almost any size or variety of gong.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carol Bish
Wonderful sound

So glad I purchased this mallet. The sound is sharp and clear with either a gentle or strong hit. Does well on both my gongs.

Sarah Holbrook

Wonderful mallet.

Linda Laine
I love this Mallet!

This is a mallet that works beautifully on my Tibetan singing bowls, it really brings out the highs and lows. It's also great on my smaller gongs and for my larger gongs as well. It's the most versatile mallet I have and it's well made at a reasonable cost. I have many of the Dragonfly Mallets and have never been disappointed with any of them, they're very functional.

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