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24" Meinl Symphonic Gong

24" Meinl Symphonic Gong


24" Meinl Symphonic Gong - Tam Tam The 24" Meinl Symphonic Gong is handcrafted in Germany. The Symphonic Gong sound with a complex blend of highs and lows in a wide range. Massive and enormous with a menacing, swelling sound characteristic. Tuned in a defined frequency range for consistent sound. G2 - G2#

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The Gong Shop offers 1000s of gongs for sale from all over the World. Chinese Gongs, Thai Gongs, Paiste Gongs and Meinl Gongs are our most popular, but we also offer gongs made in Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Italy. Gongs come in a variety of sizes from 4 inches to 80 inches.