13" Thai Gong on Sao Ching Cha Gong Stand



13" Thai Gong on a Sao Ching Cha Double Gong Stand with Thai Lotus design.  These are hand-made, hand-hammered bronze Thai Gongs.

Why do we call this the Sao Ching Cha gong stand?  Because it so closely resembles the Sao China Cha swing in Bangkok, Thailand that we absolutely had to name our gong stand after this Bangkok attraction.  There is not actually a swing on the Sao Swing Cha Swing in Bangkok right now, nor is there a gong, but the resemblance is definitely there.

This 13" Thai Gong - Stand Combo is perfect for individual mediation, calling guests to dinner, or as an attractive piece to display at the home or office.

Gong Details:

13" Thai Lotus Gong - Hand Hammered Bronze Gong 

Double Gong Stand Details:

  • Finishes:  Weathered / Distressed Teak Wood & Golden Brown Finish
  • Dimensions:  21" Wide x 22" Tall x 6" Deep (the base of the stand)

Includes Gong Mallet


Vendor : The Gong Shop

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