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20" Chau Gong with Beater


20" Chau Gong with Beater

Chau Gongs, also called Tam-Tams, are one of the most familiar looking Chinese gongs. The Chau Gong produces a full and sustained wash of musical overtones. It's a centerpiece in the home, office, concert hall or outdoors.

The Chau Gong has a rim around the outside edge with a very distinctive bullseye in the center. You can play it in the center, middle, edge, or experiment for a variety of sounds.

Made from B20 cast bronze (80% copper and 20% tin), the gong is hand hammered and lathed while heating and cooling the metal.

Chau Gongs are available in a range of sizes (4" - 80"), with each size having its own distinct sound.

Includes a Gong Mallet and string for hanging.

Vendor : The Gong Shop

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