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Who thought it was possible to rent a gong?  At The Gong Shop we have a complete inventory of gongs for rent for an Asian themed event, wedding, or yoga session?  We have Paiste Gongs, Chinese Gongs, Thai Gongs, and many other gongs for rent.  

Call us today at 1-855-225-7372 TOLL FREE and let us help you select the perfect rental gong for your needs.

Gong Rental

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Wind Gong Rental


Need to rent a Wind Gong for your performance or yoga session?  We have a large selection of Wind Gongs available for rent.  Our Wing Gong Rental prices are priced per week, even if you only need it for one day, due to shipping time to and from the customer.   Rental Price DOES NOT include shipping.  Once we have your address, we can calculat...

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