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Emil Richards Super Rub Gong Mallets ERSR by Mike Balter


Emil Richards Super Rub Gong Mallets ERSR

The Emil Richards Super Rub Gong Mallets are part of the Emil Richards Sounds of the Studio Series and are also called Friction Gong Mallets or flumies. Includes a set of 3 gong mallets:  small, medium & large - each producing a unique sound on gongs, cymbals, drums, timpani, or any percussion instrument.

These mallets create the popular "whale sounds" on gongs and cymbals and can produce a variety of overtones and harmonic sounds. 


  • Length 8 1/2"
  • Handle diameter 3/16".
  • Head diameters are 3/4", 7/8", & 15/16"
  • Mallet colors may vary
Vendor : Balter

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dana Haynes
Emil friction mallets

These three friction mallets each have their own distinct sounds. Fun to experiment with when playing a single mallet or two simultaneously!

Not quite

The medium ball gave some good sounds, but with every rub, some rubber comes off and sticks on my gong..........

Well made, but can be improved on for precision

I liked this gong mallet for my instrument. I would hope for a more refined build. The ball could be better balanced in relation to the fiberglass stick, and the silicone ball made more smoother without the ridge joint.
Will buy another set when improved in quality.
Thank you for your offering.

Bastian Fernandez
Perfect bought

Everything was Ok: Price, Shipping....and great mallets. 100% satisfied.

Michael Johnson
Small in size but large in effect

These hard-to-locate rubber gong mallets work beautifully, and improve with your own, learned techniques. Exactly as described. Well done.

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