Dragonfly Resonance Series Large 2 Sided RSL2



Dragonfly Resonance Series Large 2 Sided RSL2

This 2-sided mallet is the ultimate general-purpose mallet for gong performance in a sound healing modality. The harder side responds quickly and effortlessly on gongs of all sizes, and draws out a broad spectrum of overtones. The soft side elicits a rich, full-bodied sound with lots of low end frequencies. It has enough mass to activate even your largest gongs, but is light enough and balanced in such a way that it is nimble in the hand and responsive at all dynamics.


Customer Reviews

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Miles M.
Wonderful, convenient mallet

As someone who is constantly changing mallets, this thing is a godsend. The fuzzy side is a bit harder than the fuzzface mallet (another favorite), making it a nice medium-soft mallet. The opposite side is a bit harder than their "medium soft" mallet, but not too hard.

It truly is two great mallets in one, and it's half the price of most other quality mallets!

Linda Laine
I love this Mallet!

This truly sounds great on all my med to large gongs. The velvet side gives a quicker response and the fuzzy side is a softer deeper build of sound. I like the handle length (not too long).

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