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Chinese Gongs

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Hmong Shaman Gongs - Gou Gong
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The Gong Shop Hmong Shaman Gongs - Gou Gong

Hmong Shaman Gongs - Gou Gong


Hmong Shaman Gongs, also called Gou Gongs, range in size from 14" - 28". These Hmong Shaman gongs are very thick, with a turned edge/lip, resulting in a fundamentally focused sound, which a little bit of crash. Shaman gongs have a very controlled crash, so you can play the gong with rapidly repeating strokes to produce a nice hum sound.   These ...

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The Gong Shop hand-selects nearly all of our Chinese Gongs in Wuhan, China.  Yes, we actually travel to Wuhan, China and visit all the gong factories in Wuhan to hand-pick our Chinese Gongs which allows us to offer you the highest quality gongs available. 
We select our Chinese Gongs for optimal tone, with no sizzle or buzzing sounds, and leave the rest for non-discriminating dealers.
Chinese Gongs come in many varieties:
  • Bao Gongs - thick gongs with a protruding nipple - very focused tone, not much crash or wash
  • Chau Gongs - traditional Chinese Gong - combination of fundamental tone and crash/wash
  • Opera Gongs - smaller, high pitched gongs for Chinese Opera - ascends or descends in pitch when struck
  • Tiger Gongs - smaller gongs with lots of crash
  • Wind Gongs - thinner gongs with a huge wash of sound
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