22" Wind Gong on Chronos Metal Gong Stand with Mallet



22" Wind Gong on Chronos Gong Stand is the perfect addtion to the home, office, or restaurant. 

Auction includes:

  • 22" Wind Gong - Made in Wuhan, China
  • Chronos Metal Gong Stand
  • Gong Mallet

Gong Features:

  • Hand Hammered Bronze
  • Gong is lathed to reveal a bronze color and beautiful hammer marks
  • Great wash of sound and crash

Chronos Gong Stand features:

  • Sturdy, metal design
  • Breaks down into 6 pcs for easy transport
  • Wide base for stability

Chronos Gong Stand Dimensions:

  • Width - 33 inches
  • Height - 35 inches
  • Base Depth - 26 inches
  • Fits gongs up to 26 inches in diameter


Vendor : The Gong Shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lisa C. Turney
“22 Wind Gong on Chronos Metal Stand with Mallet

This is my first gong. It is absolutely stunning with beautiful sound.

Bennett Whitwood
Very good gong

I like this gong and it was very good.

Gong Padawan
good ol' gong

it gonged its best gong, the greater gong I've ever gonged.

Megan Fields
High Quality

Our gong arrived well before it was scheduled to and in excellent condition. The sound quality is fantastic, it looks beautiful--we love it!

michael nokleberg

Great size and sound. Nice addition to my growing in sizes gong collection. The owner so very nicely helped resolve minor shipping issue on previous purchase; thank you.
And now late on a Friday afternoon after assembly it is back to playing, learning, experiencing my new 22". Such a treat!

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