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Featured Gongs

Paiste Gongs

Paiste Gongs are some of the highest-quality gongs made today. Hand-crafted in Germany from nickel silver, they have a long sustain and create a sound that expands and blossoms, making them a first choice for gong therapy, sound healing, gong baths, and Kundalini yoga.

Grotta Sonora Gongs

Grotta Sonora translates to "sound cave" in Italian. These gongs are literally born in a cave (Grotta) north of Rome, in a village called Calcata. Each Grotta Sonora Gong is handmade in Italy and is one of a kind. As such, every gong will have a slightly different appearance and tone.

Chinese/Chau Gongs

Chau Gongs have an iconic appearance, featuring a black outer edge and black center with a bronze midsection. Forged from B20 bronze, these gongs have a very powerful sound with a strong and resonant fundamental tone along with higher overtones and frequencies.

Meinl Gongs

Meinl Planetary Gongs are made in Germany from NS12 nickel silver. Each Meinl Planetary gong is tuned to produce the corresponding frequency of the celestial body for which it is named, from Saturn to Mars to Venus and beyond. Explore the universe with a Meinl Gong.

Gongs for Sale from The Gong Shop

The Gong Shop is your source for gongs and gong accessories. All we sell are gongs, gong stands, gong bags, and gong mallets! We travel throughout Asia and Europe to find the very best gongs, gong makers and gong tuners. We love the craftsmanship that goes into making and tuning the gongs we sell.

Gongs are used for sound healing, meditation, yoga, and played in bands & orchestras. We've sold gongs to car salesmen who "bang a gong" when they sell a car. Tech companies love ringing a gong when they reach a sales goal.

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